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Parchment Craft Grids Guide



What are Pergamano & PCA Parchment Craft Grids?



Grids are used to make even and neat perforations in parchment paper. It is possible to produce a design without using a grid by planning a design on graph paper and using it as your guide. Grids can also be used for embossing and designing your own patterns.


Pergamano and ParchCraft Australia (PCA) both have grids available and you can choose which you prefer.  Try to use PCA tools with PCA Grids and Pergamano tools for Pergamano Grids.


For more information see Perfect Parchment Craft Blog



What are Pergamano Multi Grids?



Parchment Craft Multi Grids Grids Guide



Pergamano have a range of Multi Grids available which all have various themes, these can be used for embossing and perforating.


The Multi Grids can be used for background patterning, central motifs, borders and secondary and extra motifs. There is plenty of choice there are Multi Grid themed on Christmas, Celebrations, Baby, etc.


There are also four regular grids:


No 04 which is an A5 size straight grid Fine


No 28 which is an A4 size straight Bold


No 19 which is an A5 size diagonal Bold (The holes are offset at 60 degrees)


No 24 which is an A5 size diagonal Fine (The holes are offset at 60 degrees)




What are ParchCraft Australia PCA Grids?






PCA grids are all A4 size.  They are not numbered, but they come in two gauges: Bold and Fine


Bold straight grids

Bold diagonal grid, with PCA diagonal grids the holes are at 90 degrees.


Essentially they are the same as the straight grids but turned diagonally.


If you look at a PCA diagonal grid and tilt your head to the left you will see that it looks the same as the straight grid!


Fine straight grid

Fine diagonal grid (same as above)