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Compatibility Guide to Tools and Equipment



The manufacturers of parchment craft tools often have different names for the same tool.  This is a guide to help you identify the interchangeable ones.






Pergamano               PCA Other
Fine Stylus Micro Ball  
Extra Small Ball Small Ball


Small Ball

Medium Ball  
Large Ball Large Ball  
Extra Large Ball Mega Ball  
Shader .08 mm Micro Shader  
Shader 1.0mm Mini Shader  
Shader 1.2mm Mega Shader  
Star Tool 2mm Small Sun Tool  
Star Tool 4mm Large Sun Tool  
Star Tool 6mm Mega Sun Tool  
1 Needle Unifine  
1 Needle Bold Unibold  
2 Needle Fine Twin  
3 Needle Fine Tri Corner  
4 Needle Fine Quad  
5 Needle Fine Quin  
Flower Fine Daisy  
Semi Square Fine Large Half Square  
Semi Circle Fine Scallop Edge  
Heart Fine Love Heart  
Moon Fine Crescent  
2 Split Fine Mini Stamp Edge  
4 Split Fine Stamp Edge  
Easy Grid Fine Mesh Fine A4 Flexi Duo Grid Straight  
Easy Grid Regular Mesh Bold A4 Flexi Duo Grid Straight  
Tinta   Ink
Pintura   Acrylic Paint
Pinta Perla   Daler Rowney Pearlescent
Perga Colour Exclusive  

Marker or Felt Tips

water-based, Letraset Aqua

Dorso Colours   Oil Pastels (Faber Castell or other)
Perga Liners  

Faber Castell Polychromos

and Water Colour Pencils

Prisma colour or other